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Lifecycle process solutions for cosmetic product development and innovation


Control the Development and Launch of Cutting-Edge Cosmetics Products

The beauty consumer landscape offers rapid growth opportunities for cosmetics manufacturers–and real-time demands on existing cosmetic product development processes in order to expand into new product categories.

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Ramping up launch timelines means:

  • Reformulating existing products with fewer and more natural ingredients.
  • Adapting product design to bring hybrid, unisex and multi-use products to global markets faster.
  • Managing an interconnected web of global regulatory certifications and claims.
  • Automating the feedback loop between Innovation, Marketing, R&D, Quality and Regulatory groups.
  • Adjusting Innovation priorities as consumer beauty technology and preferences change buying behavior.

Selerant’s Devex PLM system offers Cosmetics brands and manufacturers a single-truth platform for managing these many internal process changes in one place, bringing greater control, transparency, and oversight into Cosmetics product development and launch so you can innovate and get competitive products to market faster.

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Prioritize Product Innovation & Development

  • Centralize the capture of Innovation ideas from social media trends and more in one place, instead of using disconnected email chains and spreadsheets.
  • Determine the high-priority products first with product analysis at the point of ideation.
  • Implement one system that can be used to share information between Innovation, Marketing, and R&D groups.
  • Expedite new product research by accessing a history of global lab trial versions and outcomes.
  • Implement automated PLM processes that meet the speed of OEM requests.

Expedite Formula Creation

  • Use Cosmetics-specific ingredient and formulation templates to standardize data requirements for new products.
  • Connect stability testing information into formulation templates for easier market launch.
  • Quickly modify existing formulations for new uses and markets and connect all global variations.
  • Maintain an always-accurate, integrated product data repository.

Meet Global Regulatory Requirements

  • Reduce time spent on regulatory compliance checks with roll-up creation of INCI statements and Safety Data Sheets. 
  • Enable regulatory consultants to easily generate regulatory documents with built-in PIF generation tools.
  • Determine regulatory fit at the point of ideation.
  • Simplify the registration paperwork process with templates for spec sheets, ingredient types, active ingredients, ingredient supplier info, attribute percentages, certified limits by weight and product use, and more.
  • Easily tailor different country registration packets for the same or related formulas and products.

Commercialize New Products Rapidly

  • Connect labeling requirements to the very start of product development.
  • Use formulation data to automatically generate label information.
  • Facilitate numerous packaging scenarios simultaneously by managing multiple variations for each product packaging component.
  • Integrate supplier and plant information and collaboration directly into PLM processes.

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Rapidly Expand Beauty Product Portfolios

Increase the speed of innovation for new product categories and markets by eliminating data redundancies and process bottlenecks and increasing enterprise collaboration capabilities.

Ensure Quality Standards Across Global Markets

With standardized PLM processes in place, you’ll ensure that quality levels are met even as formulations changes for new markets and gain global visibility into non-conformance issues.

Meet Fit to Purpose Regulatory Claims

Reach new markets with deep visibility into how formulation design and production processes impact country-specific product claims, such as anti-aging, silicon-free and more. Connect calculations to labeling, packaging, and marketing activities to create accurate, transparency product claims that reflect internal procedures.

Consolidate Application Use & Cost

Instead of using many disparate applications, points-solutions or spreadsheets typically leveraged to manage product development between many working groups, teams can use one solution. Integrations with core systems like ERP enable you to consolidate applications and IT maintenance, integration and support costs, and easily pipe product data to other downstream systems.

Cosmetics Product Development Features

Devex Baseline for Cosmetics

Leverage Devex’s core system to apply portfolio management, formulation, product data management, and packaging management modules for the entire Cosmetics product lifecycle.

Devex Baseline for Cosmetics

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