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Cosmetics software for product development, product design


Are personal care & cosmetic regulations slowing down your product development and market expansion?

Does fierce competition put stress on your margin and time-to-market? Is it difficult to keep up with the rapidly changing consumers’ tastes? Does it require you to innovate at a faster rate?

What about your organizational challenges? Are you wondering how to optimize your internal processes? How to facilitate communication and collaboration between the different stakeholders involved in your product development?

Do these challenges sound all too familiar to you? We understand. It’s exhausting to always be on top of the game; so many factors put a strain on product development that it can be overwhelming to know where and how to improve your cosmetic product development process. With 90% of new product launches failing, it is important to have the appropriate solutions to ensure that your products are a part of the successful 10%.

Lascom has designed and developed a Product Lifecycle Management solution dedicated to the development of Personal Care & Cosmetic products. LASCOM PLM software for Cosmetics offers businesses solutions to optimize their entire product lifecycle, from the marketing brief to the disposal, including formulation, packaging design and compliance approval. With its scalable and department-focused features, our Personal Care & Cosmetics software helps you to efficiently create compliant products while reducing your time-to-market.

New Product Development (NPD)

Several key aspects need to be considered during a new product development to make it successful. Lascom cosmetics product development software helps you plan and manage the new product development process. Our features, such as workflows, stage gates management, automated notifications, Gantt chart visualization, milestones, and reporting, enable you to facilitate your NPD process follow-up while considerably reducing your time-to-market and enhancing internal and external collaboration.

Project and Product Portfolio Management

Trying to handle all your projects and products at once and having a clear overview of all of them is overwhelming. Additionally, it is difficult to properly manage the data and information associated with them. However, Lascom PLM allows you to easily manage these ever-increasing numbers of products and volume of documents and data related to your products and projects by centralizing them into a single & structured source.
The intelligent search tool simplifies the access to information and the dashboards help you to achieve quick and strategic decision-making.

Cosmetic Formulation

Formulation is a crucial step during product development; however, ensuring that your formula is compliant with your requirements and standards is challenging. Which is also the case to guarantee that every required product information has been correctly generated.
Our cosmetic product development software offers features optimizing the product formulation step. It facilitates R&D professionals’ daily tasks by providing features to create new prototypes or modify existing formulas. It also provides calculations such as product cost, ingredients and allergens present in the formula as well as its history and prototype comparison.

Cosmetic Regulatory Compliance

Launching a product in one market is already challenging enough when it comes to regulatory compliance; however, it is even tougher when you have to deal with different markets and country-specific regulations.
Lascom personal care & cosmetics software facilitates the compliance of your product with the various regulations. It provides essential features such as regulatory analysis, automatic warnings, and real-time display of black lists and regulatory restrictions linked to raw materials and ingredients. It also allows you to automatically generate and manage the list of ingredients and allergens (the threshold).

Safety Data Sheet Management (SDS)

Safety and health are two main issues for the personal care & cosmetic industry, and the Safety Data Sheet plays a crucial role in ensuring the safe use of your substances and products.
Lascom’s solution allows you to, firstly, collect and gather those raw materials SDS from your suppliers, as well as maintaining them up-to-date. Secondly, our tool can automatically generate the SDSs of your finished products retrieving information and data saved in your database.

Product Information File

The European regulation (EC) No 1223/2009 on cosmetic products requires industry professionals to provide a Product Information File (PIF) for each product commercialized. This complex folder needs to be compliant and up-to-date at all times. Our software dedicated to the personal care & cosmetics industry allows you to automatically gather all the information and documents needed to create the PIF. Lascom cosmetics software also allows you to automatically generate documents. The solution ensures that the PIF is accurate and always up-to-date

Cosmetic Quality Testing Management

It is crucial to ensure the quality of your products, and this goes in hand with properly managing any related tests. Our personal care & cosmetic software includes specific quality features such as test management – i.e.: tolerance, stability, compatibility, challenge test, etc. – customization of the test tables and comparison of the tests’ results of different formulas. In addition- thanks to its workflows- you can automatically schedule and follow up the tests to be carried out by a stakeholder.

Non-conformity Management

You need to be proactive and act fast when a non-conformity arises. Lascom cosmetic software lets you report, qualify, manage and close any non-conformity regarding your raw materials, packaging and finished products, directly in Lascom’s solution. This allows you to centralize all information to better analyze the causes and plan the corrective actions. Therefore, you can easily track and ensure the quality of any articles and/or products all along their life cycles, from purchased raw materials or packaging to the launch of your finished products.

Customer Complaint Management

Customers’ complaints give you an opportunity to improve your products’ quality. However without the proper processes and tools, you might miss this chance.
Our cosmetic software allows you to report, centralize and track all customers’ complaints related to your products – centralizing the complaints enables you to easily analyze, for instance, the number and types of complaints on a particular product or range of products.
This tool also allows you to add comments, digital photos and any documents linked to the incidents. The software’s workflows guarantees that you receive the right information at the right time. Hence, with Lascom’s solution, you are able to identify the “problematic” products and quickly implement an action plan.

Supplier Relationship Management

It is overwhelming to deal with numerous current and potential suppliers. This often leads to scattered and/or missing information. Lascom personal care software enables you to digitalize information and documents, and automate workflows and processes. A secured portal provides central access and control of all relevant information such as supplier’s information, specifications, proposals, etc. Our personal care & cosmetic software allows you to automate the exchange of information, hence facilitating the communication and collaboration with your suppliers.

RFQ & RFP Management

Sourcing your products, raw materials, and packaging, is a critical step. Therefore, much information needs to be shared, gathered and checked which makes it difficult to keep track of all the data and documents, and to ensure that every needed information has been received. Lascom personal care & cosmetics software facilitates the Request For Quotation / Proposal process thanks to its secured collaborative platform, which optimizes each step of the process.

Change Management and Traceability

Changes are mainstream in the personal care and cosmetic industry; however, it is challenging to appropriately manage those changes and ensure complete traceability.

Lascom PLM for the cosmetics sector allows you to examine the impacts a modification can have on your product portfolio, such as those regarding a raw material’s specification and updates of a current regulation. These dedicated features allow you to quickly take into account any changes and maintain your product portfolio.

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