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Cosmetic Product Development & Formulations | Jarvis Cosmetics


How Long Does It Take?

The cosmetic product development process relies on time, thought and effort, plus the skills of our fully qualified technical team.

It will take a minimum of twelve weeks, during which time we supply monthly progress reports on how testing is developing.

The final results for testing are independently checked, verified and signed off by an independent assessor.

Cosmetics Formulations

At Jarvis Cosmetic Developments, we pride ourselves on being able to develop a wide range of cosmetic products. From everyday toiletries, hair care and skin care, to the most exclusive and advanced products, such as serums and medical devices.

Our expert team of chemists specialise in formulating boutique products for niche markets, but always apply the same attention to detail and quality no matter what we create. Click here to view our full list for inspiration.




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