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Great cosmetic experience unleashing natural beauty and well-being

Our portfolio comprises advanced actives, modern product preservation solutions, pioneering protection against sun and environmental aggressors, innovative hair care ingredients, original botanical extracts, high-performance functionals and special color solutions.

Our unique perspective comes from over 100 years of experience in developing and marketing cosmetic ingredients and our ability to intertwine the best of nature, science, chemistry as well as skin and hair biology.

We apply a truly global mindset to everything we do – at the same time we understand the importance of regional differences and requirements. That’s why our global research centers in Holzminden, Germany and Sao Paolo, Brazil work in tandem with our dedicated regional sales and application teams.

[Source: CMI Data Source: Symrise Cosmetic Ingredients consumer data base]

Our strong position is reinforced by our group-wide consumer and market insights (CMI). Whether we’re pioneering protection from environmental aggressors or ensuring a reliable, natural source for color solutions, everything we develop and deliver is based on a unique understanding of what the consumers of today want.

Care for people and the environment: this is the commitment that drives our cosmetic ingredients teams. We care about people’s well-being, and their ability to feel comfortable in their own skin. Caring for the environment means taking a responsible, sustainability minded approach to our sourcing and manufacturing processes. We combine this level of care with state-of-the-art technology to create high-quality ingredients for the global beauty industry – ingredients that exactly address the needs of consumers worldwide. Eder Ramos, Global President, Cosmetic Ingredients

Our Products

We create cosmetic ingredients in seven core categories

Active IngredientsMicro ProtectionBotanicalsSun ProtectionFunctionalsColor SolutionsHair Care

Active Ingredients

The global environment is constantly changing, and with that comes the need for even more protecting and caring cosmetic ingredients that reliably deliver real benefits to the skin. Our core expertise in the areas of active ingredients for e.g. sensitive skin, skin pigmentation, anti-aging and anti-pollution is sustained by latest research findings suggested by our international Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) consisting of renowned dermatological experts. Backed by extensive and profound clinical studies, this approach leads to innovative active ingredients with consumer perceivable benefits.

Micro Protection

We are a leading supplier of modern ingredients in the areas of preservation, deodorant and anti-dandruff. Well-recognized by the industry, Symrise has been the most innovative player in the last two decades, launching a high number of new ingredients in the field of micro protection. Today, we think in terms of minimal concentrations, ingredient interactions, synergistic effects and multi-functionality, while, most importantly, taking the consumer’s need for safe, undisputed products into account. We consult and guide our customers in finding the optimal solution for their diverse formulations with our Hydrolite®, SymOcide® and SymDeo® product ranges.


Plants are not only a source of unlimited inspiration but also powerful ingredients. As a market leader in developing and manufacturing plant extracts and with over 60 years of experience, we supply natural ingredients for cosmetic use. From traditional and exotic plant extracts of the Extrapone® series, over highly effective skin and hair enhancing botanicals of the Actipone® range to nourishing plant oils and butters, Symrise Botanicals play an essential role in the success of numerous leading cosmetic brands across the world.

Sun Protection

Natural sunlight has a major positive effect upon the human psyche – and we see health benefits such as the formation of vitamin D. But without the proper protection, those rays can do more harm than you realize. For over 80 years, we have been leading the way in shielding skin from UV light with our Neo Heliopan® range of UV filters and more recently, from infrared and even blue light as well —the full spectrum of modern light protection. Additionally, we support our customers with extensive market and formulation knowledge. 


Our emulsifiers, emollients and solubilizers bring an exquisite touch and sensual experience to consumer products. Our global network of application labs uses local knowledge to tailor formulation proposals to the diverse needs of different cultures and ethnicities.

Color Solutions

SymColor® embodies more than 70 years’ experience in creating the most vibrant and application-appropriate colorants, dyes and pigments. We develop customized coloring agents for all usage areas and through concentrated color liquids and pastes, dustless handling of powders has become beautiful reality.

Hair Care

Hair Care is one of the most dynamic and innovative cosmetic markets in today’s world. We develop ingredients that provide answers to consumer needs, dreams and desires, across diverse cultures and ethnicities. Our ingredients (e.g. SymHair® range) are screened in our Hair Care Center in Brazil using the most stringent criteria including volume, shine, pigmentation, strength, surface, and shape of hair.

Our high-quality solutions are underpinned by three key pillars

1. Innovative research

As a global scientific leader in the industry, our research centers in Holzminden, Germany and Sao Paulo, Brazil develop avant-garde ingredients, based on comprehensive in-vitro / ex-vivo / in-vivo tests for innovative claim substantiation. R&D is supported and inspired by our Scientific Advisory Board, comprising leading international dermatologists and researchers.

2. Global application network

Regional application labs are the key success factors to translate and implement our product solutions to local needs and requirements. With passion and creative intuition we support our customers on the ground to formulate innovative solutions for consumers.

3. Unique consumer insights

In order to deliver the most relevant solutions, we have developed tools to identify and understand consumer needs and preferences. Over the last 6 years, we have been running more than 50,000 interviews in about 20 countries worldwide in order to anticipate evolving consumer trends and to be able to understand the specifics of different consumer groups.

We are playing an active role in shaping the future of cosmetics with innovative and efficient active ingredients. In the last 10 years we have filed more than 100 patents and received more than 30 innovation awards.Dr. Gerhard Schmaus, Vice President Global Innovation Cosmetic Ingredients

Sustainable sourcing, secure supply chains

Sustainable sourcing from the Amazon

The unique Amazonian biodiversity offers a rich source of raw materials for the cosmetics industry. The sustainable use of these resources is becoming ever more important. Symrise Amazon integrates sustainability aspects along the entire value chain – from sourcing and production to contributing to the social and economic development of the region. This has been certified according to the internationally recognized UEBT Ethical Bio Trade Standard.

As Achim Daub, Global President of Scent and Care at Symrise, said upon the facility’s opening: Symrise Amazon allows companies to harvest the rich biodiversity of the Amazonia region in a sustainable way. This approach is very much in line with our strong commitment to sustainability as an embedded value in our business strategy and operating system.”

solutions in focus:

Beauty+ at Symrise means: Uniting our extensive expertise in fragrance creation and cosmetic ingredients development with the shared goal of generating unique combined solutions for an overall enhanced product performance.

Sun care

Maximum efficiency and safety. Enjoyable and innovative scents. We provide the most advanced sun care solutions that offer not only the best protection, but also reliable odor control and moisturizing qualities.


We go beyond proven efficiency and safety by offering visible brightening and skin radiance plus sensorial fragrance experiences. Together, these qualities achieve radiant performance and address the regional needs and preferences of evolving consumers.

Deo care

We have developed fragrances that enhance performance and create long-lasting efficiency, odor and wetness protection. All of this, plus skin-soothing moisture and comfort for sensitive skin.

Multi-ethnic hair

We combine our multi-cultural hair expertise with our innovative cosmetic ingredients and unique botanicals, delivering unparalleled performance with a profound fragrance experience.

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