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The UK’s premier distributor of natural and innovative cosmetic ingredients from some of the world’s best manufacturers

Your Source Of Innovation

You might already know us as a UK distributor of cosmetic ingredients – while that’s true, it’s only part of our story. We’re a team of technical consultants, ingredient experts and marketers, working with brands and formulators to provide expert technical advice, trend insights, and source the very best solutions for your cosmetic projects. So, whether it’s an existing brief you’re working on or seeking inspiration for a new standout formulation, we’ve got you covered…

A diverse portfolio of specialty Ingredients

Get access to a diverse portfolio of over 3,000 cosmetic ingredients from some of the world’s best manufacturers. From high performance actives and unique functional ingredients, to natural fragrances and sustainable alternatives, our portfolio is constantly refreshed with new and exciting ingredient launches, enabling you to innovate, differentiate and quickly respond to constantly evolving market opportunities.

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We’ve got your Back

We’ve been dedicated to the UK personal care industry since 1991, so we understand exactly what you need in order to transform your product vision into the real deal. A dedicated in-house sampling department ensures we fulfil your requests quickly and efficiently, while our warehouse gives us the ability to support you with local stockholding and reduced lead times.

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