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7 Skin Care Tips for Men


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By Maria Barillaro for readersdigest.caUpdated: Aug. 06, 2019

According to a recent study by Schick Hydro, nearly half of the men questioned said they would shave more often if the process was less irritating to their skin. Read on to find out what Rick Ricci, owner of Truefitt and Hill Spa for Men in Toronto, has to say about caring for your skin.

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Best Skin Care Tips for Men

Daily shaving can take a serious toll on a man’s skin-especially when you factor in the drying effects of winter weather. Check out our expert’s advice on how to keep your skin healthy, clean and moisturized.

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1. Cleanse Your Skin

For most men, skin tends to get oily throughout the day in certain areas, even in winter. Excess oil can stick to the skin and block the pores, preventing your razor from gliding along the skin smoothly. So before you shave, wash your face with water and facial soap to make sure there are no blockages.


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2. Get Ready for Shaving

Before you pull out the razor, Ricci suggests splashing your face with warm water after you cleanse it, which will open up the pores. Then apply a light layer of pre-shaving cream, gel or mousse to keep the skin moist and warm. The smoother the skin, the closer the shave.

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3. Multitask for a Better Shave

Another way to simplify shaving is to do it in the shower. Not only is it a time-saver, the humidity of your shower will keep your skin moist and your pores open and even make the hair softer and easier to remove.

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4. Follow Your Hair Growth

According to Ricci, the popular belief that shaving against the direction of hair growth is better is not necessarily true. Shaving in this way can actually cause irritation and can also damage the hair. For a more comfortable shave, move in the same direction as the growth of the hair.


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5. Choose the Right Razor

Razors can be single- or multi-blade. If you like to spend as little time as possible shaving, you can go for a razor with three or five blades. The important thing to remember is that you should be comfortable with your razor and not apply too much pressure, as this can cause irritation.

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6. Take Your Time

Skin gets damaged more easily if you make swift movements with your razor or apply your creams too quickly. Give yourself enough time to shave in the morning and allow a few minutes between washing, applying pre-shaving cream and shaving.

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7. Use Moisturizer Day and Night

Applying moisturizing cream to your skin day and night will keep it hydrated, allowing for a smoother shave. Moisturizing will also help prevent cuts and irritation. Look for moisturizers with natural hydrating ingredients like vitamin E, shea butter or essential oils.

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Originally Published: January 12, 2016




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